Sunday, June 14, 2009

2 month old pasta is fresh?

This is like a Tui advert,

It's only 2 months old, that means its still fresh. YEAH RIGHT.

An article in the latest Food Microbiology is titled "Combined effects of chitosan and MAP to improve the microbial quality of amaranth homemade fresh pasta"

As an aside chitosan is a substance that comes from "skin" of crustaceans (craps, shrimp etc) once it has been processed it has anti fungal activity. MAP is short for modified atmosphere packaging, and as the name suggests it is when the packet is fulled of a specific gas that extends shelf life.

I was very mortified to find out that the "fresh" was at best a stretch of the truth. The result of the study was that these preservation techniques enabled "extension of the microbial acceptability limit beyond two months."

Great - I obviously was naive in my believe that "fresh" pasta that is sold was actually made a few days ago...... I don't think so any more.

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