Monday, June 15, 2009

Is chocolate cake a health food

Tiffany and I had our 13th wedding aniversary yesterday. We celebrated it over the weekend by going to a play that I got complementary tickets for, as they used the "whips" I made for Stations of the Cross.

The kids saw the anniversary on the birthday calendar (I put it on this year, so I am not caught out). They decided that there should be a celebration (aka party) as kids always want an excuse for pigging out on junk food!

Tiffany negotiated them down to a uniced chocolate cake. And as Tiffany is great at baking low and behold a wonderful cake appeared. Got me thinking later in the night that baking need not be so bad for you, it comes down the right ingredients. I am not a baking person, so my list might be a bit out...... but a close approximation.
  • Wholemeal flour (fiber and B vitamins). We don't have white flour any more in our cupboards. Once you switch after a few months you don't even notice it
  • Free range eggs from outdoor cages. This gives high quality protein plus in the yoke vitamin D (as hens in sun light), possibly vitamin K from insects eaten, vitamin E from grass etc along with a whole bunch of carotenoids from grass and waste/grain from the kitechen. Unfortunately our hens are not laying at the moment so we have eggs from the supermarket, they unlikely to have any of the goodness that is mentioned above
  • Butter. As this comes from free range, grass feed cows it is full or antioxidants and good stuff.
  • Raising agent. Now the standard would be baking powder. However if yeast was used, it would add much more value. Yeast is full of B vitamins.
  • Milk. If this was a free range animal (goat or cow) it would be full of antioxidants like the butter. If it was unpasteurised it would have lots of bio available calcium and protein.
  • Salt - sea salt with lots of trace minerals
  • Vanilla - instead of the chemical stuff, real vanilla could be used which would have a bunch of great bioactives.
  • Cocoa. We all know that cocoa is good for us in small doses, after all it is a ground up seed.
  • Sugar. I have noticed that there is unbleahed organic sugar at our local Bin Inn which is not much more expensive that white death (white sugar). Even if we used the Bin Inn organic sugar, I stuggle to justify how this is nutrious.
I think that this all the ingredients. Now the tragedy is that our modern diet and lifestyle have produced cakes that are not made from nutritious ingredients so instead of a healthy cake that increases your nutrient level in your body, your nutrients in your body are at best unchanged and at worst decreased.

PS I would upload a photo, but all there is left is crumbs!

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