Sunday, June 21, 2009

You should be told where your food is from

I am amazed that we don't know the country of origin of our food. A article today in the HoS states:

But a supermarket visit reveals many come from China - untested and without labels to identify their country of origin.

Why is this an issue? Ethics and Opinions are my answer. We all have opinions and ethical assumptions about particular people and/or cultures. That is what makes up a brand and we use these paradigms to make decisions. How can you make an informed decision when you don't have the right information?

For example do you purchases the lowest priced frozen vegetables that may come from country A or a more expensive that comes from country B. For me it is important that I try to get the highest nutritional value from my food dollar. And I am aware that very very limited food testing goes on, that is testing for things such as pesticide or other chemical residues. Or for health hazards such as E Coli. Basically there are to many products to test, and if people are not falling over dieing then there is not going to be any more testing. So without any country of origin I might assume that these two products provide the same nutrition, so choice the lower priced one. Where as I might make a different choice if I new the lower priced one had lower value to my body and family.

PS It is even more mad as our clothing has to have a country of origin. So what you put on your back has to be labeled but not what goes into your mouth.

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