Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hopefully my only post about Swine Flu - and its all positive

I an into wellness, not sickness, thus I have yet to post about the Swine Flu. However two things have come up that are worth reading. The first is MacDoctors post. He talks about:
This is good news. If Swine flu is a short-acting, fairly mild flu in most people, few will need to access our strained health services, except for the unfortunates who get the severe disease. This means that our hospitals may actually cope with the disease. The other good news is that the current mortality of 4 cases per thousand is probably greatly exaggerated, as most confirmed cases have been swabbed because they have significant disease. In other words there is probably a large pool of people with very mild swine flu, who have not been confirmed.
Secondly the article in NZ Herald today, that finishes by stating:

The last calculation from the Health Ministry was that the number of deaths is not likely to exceed 200 and may be substantially lower.

About 400 deaths a year are associated with seasonal flu.

Now if this does not rest your mind then, you need two teaspoons of happy tummy and a big inoculation against the negative media.

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  1. Great comments about swine flu! Well chosen subtle references to normal flu deaths per year allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions. I agree, we just need to avoid the contagious remarks in the media to stop the flow of the virus.