Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thought I had died and gone to heaven

As the Brain Adams song goes.... and so this was how Tuesday was for me. As I already have mentioned I spent Tuesday at EIT teaching at their postgraduate Certificate in Breast Feeding and Lactation.

Along with the half a dozen or so post grad students there were some extras from a range of professions that came along also, so great class size of just under 20. This is a few more than last time, which as a speaker is always good cause people are interested, and must have done a good job last time (2 years ago) otherwise no extras would have come.

To me these teaching/training sessions are truly wonderful. You have interested and appreciative people who treat you with kindness and respect. And they like to engage, and asked some very hard questions which over the next few weeks I hopefully will answer on this blog. Couldn't think of a more wonderful bunch to talk to.

First time for me was a young baby we sat/slept/feed with mum at the back. Great to see this happening and it was great to be with an audience who didn't mind the occasional cry. I am lucky that I grew up around babies cause I can tune their noises out. Didn't realise I could until I stopped presenting for some reason, and realised that baby had been swarking and I hadn't even noticed.

Kathy the course coordinator who was hovering throughout the day making sure that everything ran smoothly (its a hard job to make sure everything works and is well facilitated and doing this without being intrusive.) She gave a most wonder gift of some Manuka and some Rewarewa Honey from Honeyland and some apple syrup (like maple syrup). Truely heavenly gifts not only is it localy produced but honey is food of the Gods, just like milk. I feel truely blessed to know such wonderful people.

The icing on the cake was the trip home. As been over two years since I have been on a road trip with my MR2 sports car. Vertually no traffic (well none that I couldn't quickly overtake thanks to the turbo) and a wonderfully windy road, part of the reason why I liked the MR2 was how it handles the courners. I "chicken" out far earlier than the car's inability to corner. There was snow on the hills/mountains which made magical sencary and I blasted out the cobwebs and enjoyed the pure drive home.

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