Sunday, August 30, 2009

Have some coal with your cuppa ?

Reading an article are some interesting pointers about pregnancy and diet:
  • That mother does not need to "eat for two". Aparently there is very little extra energy needed for growing baby - this does not cover micro nutrients though.
  • Caffeine is bad for you. Yes one cup of high quality is not a problem, but more is not necessarily better. More than eight cups a day increased the risk of malformation, low birth weight and possibly miscarriages.
  • That 90% of pregnant woman believed diet to be important, where as 33% found compliance difficult. No a surprise most people think diet is important and most people struggle to eat healthy, so I expect that the 33% should be a higher number.
  • In 1936 514 women who had cravings in pregnancy had a total of 991 cravings. These were for Fruit (261), vegetables (187), confectionery (79), pickles (66), cereals (65) and 187 cravings for non food substances such as coal, disinfectant, toothpaste and chalk. It would be fascinating to do a similar survey 75 years on. Would people still crave fruits and vegetables the most, and would a significant number want pickles?
Reference:Barbara Knoxa, John Kremera and Jack Pearceb Food preference during human pregnancy: A review Food Quality and Preference Volume 2, Issue 3, 1990, Pages 131-154

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