Friday, August 21, 2009

Sowing letteces the easy way

My lettuce patch is below. It looks like the lawn - well it is!
In some wonderful serendipity I discovered that if you let lettuces go to seed they create your next lettuce crop for you. Once I putted out my lettuces that had gone to seed. I through them on a section of my garden that was fallow and covered with mulch. I forgot about them and sometime later I picked them up and moved them off to the compost pile. Come along spring and this fallow garden was now covered in these lettuces.

Ever since this whenever possible I have let lettuces go to seed and create the next generation for me. It is wonderful as very little work is needed and it results in a massive lettuce crop. What happened in the picture above is that I put in a vege garden growing potatoes and some lettuces. It turned out it was one of the worst places for a vege garden as the top soil was less than 10 cm high! So I moved the garden over winter. However I did allow the lettuces to go to seed, and we know have a carpet of lettuces in the lawn. Below is two closer photos (clicking on them will enlarge them). If you look closely there are at least 3 lettuce variates

I have also done this in the original vege patch. This patch is in the process of transforming into a sub tropical garden. And in the last few weeks my lambs ear lettuces have grown. I love this work when you partner with nature, allowing it to do what it naturally wants to do thus saving you heaps of time. It also means that we have an excess of micro greens which are high in nutrients!

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