Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vegetarian fish oil !

The other day I blogged about essential fatty acids (EFA's) and fungi. One thing that caught my mind was there was a marine fungi that produced DHA. I know that oily fish get their oil from the plankton they eat. Hence depending on which study you read farmed salmon have half the ETA content as wild salmon, or the wild salmon have less than the farmed salmon.

So I thought it would be a great idea to grow the plankton or fungus harvest this for its oil. This has a number of advantages. I would think that growing a bunch of slime would be easier and cost less than farming fish (although sometimes they wouldn't be). It has less pollution - salmon farms often are detrimental to the environment and with wild salmon that pass buy. It is likely a more consistent EFA live would be produced as well.

Well when I was blogging about the concentrated fruit and vegetable powder yesterday, the same sight sells a vegetarian DHA supplement. This is made from marine algae. Now I assume that the algae they are using are plankton that uses sun to grow, not zooplankton as these are animals that eat the plant plankton!