Monday, September 7, 2009

Reaping what we sow

The law of reaping what you sow also applies to wellness. Six years ago we were eating 9+ a day, growing lots of our own food. Eating lots of raw nuts and were wellness disciples through and through.

Then some upsets came our way and from a health point of view things started going down hill. This winter would have been our most unhealthy season with respect to eating well. We been eating loads of white sugar, foods high in refined fats we have indulged in loads of processed foods and know we have reaped what we have sowed. We all have minor and annoying health complaints:

Me: Put on 15 kg of weight, have random rashes/itchy sensations on patches of skin and wake up with a snooty nose and have unsuccessful battled cold sores
Tiffany: Asthma has been worst it ever has been, even though our house is the warmest and driest it has ever been. She also has some other health complaints...
Victoria: Runny nose, looking sickish and headaches
Trinity: Runny nose and wart like things appearing randomly.
Yasmin: No health issues (may it stay this way!)

We hardly ever have a runny nose over winter in our house, nor do we often suffer from any ill complaints. But we have observed other families whose kids are often coughing and noses running, we have now joined these families with low level health complaints.

It is funny that spending months eating badly and now reaping the result we want to be back in full health in a few days of eating well. It has taken us months to wear our bodies out yet we want a change in lifestyle to yield instant results. The body takes time to adjust to health, just like it took time to adjust to sickness.

The human body takes time to adapt to any new environment, even if this new environment is a better one. It reminds me of a biography I read as a kid regarding a solider in WWII. He had spent such a long time eating field rations that when he back home and ate a real meal - I think it was a festive meal (aka lots of rich foods) and he was violently ill. He had to go to hospital and be slowly introduced to "real" food again. A more modern example is that if you have a large dose of vitamin C your body levels only rise a little bit and it takes weeks for your body level to rise. This is even more unusual because most vitamin C is absorbed into your blood stream and disappears out your urine. So your body is only taking a little bit of the vitamin C at a time, yet over the weeks of high doses your who body level rises to a new level. This is likely why taking vitamin C when you have a cold/flu doesn't help, but if you take it before you get the cold/flu it helps reduce the number of days you are sick.

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