Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why home made jam tastes better

We have got to know a wonderful grandma, called Lynette, here in Huntly. She is a wonderful baby sitter and has a heart of gold. One of the things she does is make homemade jam and preserves and sells them. The money she raises is then donated to a charity she is passionate about. We now only purchase jam for her. Two reasons, firstly it a way of supporting her and her charity and secondly there is minimal price difference between the supermarket brands and her jams.

I have been trying to figure out for about a year why her jams taste divine and heavenly.

The reason that they taste so wonderful is that they have so much fruit in them. She is donated or picks her own fruits and materials. For instance after my hunter gather days we send her off with a bucket or bag full of fruit.

So she is not worried about recouping the cost of her fruit, thus she can sell at a very reasonable price. In commercial operations it is about minimize the cost to maximize the profit. This is not particularly a bad thing, if I had a million dollars tied up in a jam bottling plant I would want a decent return on my money..... However what happens is that the fruit is the most expensive part of the jam. Sugar, gelatin and water are rather cheap last time I checked! Hence where colorings, favouring etc can be used without loosing sales, they are used.

So commercial jams have minimal amounts of fruit. This results in minimal amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Where as Lynette's jams have heaps of fruit and therefore heaps of nutrients.

I suggest you go to you local farmers market and find some wonderful grandparent who is selling jams and make the switch to locally produced, high fruit, high nutrient preserves.

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