Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guess when this was written ?

"Margarines are replacing butter... fresh fruit is a comparative rarity.... green vegetables are scanty, and such as there are, are often cooked to the point of almost complete extraction of their vitamin-contents.... White bread has largely replaced wholemeal bread... Sugar is consumed in quantities unheard of a century ago.... [our diet] is often dangoursely defiditen in one or more vitamins, in proteins of good biological value, and disproportionately rich in starch or sugard or fats, or in all three.

Access to abundance of food does not necessary protect from the effects of food deficiency, since a number of factors - prejudice... ignorance, habit - often prevent the proper use and choice of health-giving foods."

Go on take a guess - when do you think this was written?

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1921 - amazing comment given that it is nearly a century old.

Source: McCarrison R., Studies in Deficiency Disease. Oxford Medical Publications. 1921. 

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