Monday, November 23, 2009

Here is the link to the 65 web sites.

Blasted across the news at the moment is that Medsafe has posted a list of 65 web sites that are selling dodgy herbal products. Herbal medicine often gets "bashed"  by conventional medical people so I was interested to see what was on the list.

I found the list very difficult to find! None of the press releases included a link to the medsafe list! And a google search was not able to find them either, nor a search of the medsafe site. So unless I am having a dyslexic moment and entering/reading headings wrong the list is hard to find.

However I have found a complete list on a "news" site that I have never heard of. The list in a single column can be found here or you can read the list below.

Good news - I have never heard of any of these sites or products. If you look at the web sites (do this only if you have online real time virus checker that vets your sites before you load them - dishonest people have much higher change of nasty bugs that can infect your computer) you find that they are all the same. They just have the name of the condition and drug changed (also surprising is that there does not seem to be any blue pills for mens issues!)  .

To save you the hassle of looking up the site, have included a screen shot below (click to enlarge). As you can see it is a very professional web site and gives the impression of being a legitimate product. I think that Medsafe was wise to issue this warning (most of the time I think Medsafe is being paranoid and overly cautious) so for once I agree with what they are doing. Next time they might like to include a link to their list!

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