Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stomach staple: Get some multivitamins / multiminerals !

I had a work colleague who was morbidly obese. Over time I got to know him quite well and he told me how he got to be so overweight. He had thyroid issues. His thyroid wasn't working right, so his body burnt huge amounts of energy as the basal metabolic rate was way to high. He was literally dieing from malnourishment although he eat large volumes of food.

Once the doctors figured out the problem, he got his thyroid zapped and got pills to take instead. This regulated to his hormone levels properly. So he went from eating huge high energy diet to stay healthy to a much slower metabolism.

So with dramatic change such as this it should be no surprise that he was morbidly obese. It took some time to change his eating habits, and by the time this occurred he was very over weight. He has tried to loose weight, and would loose 20kg and you couldn't tell ! so it was very demoralizing. In the end he got a stomach staple. When you have had the operation you literally can't eat more than a mouthful. Over the next few weeks you can slowly move up to a very small sized meal. Thus he lost a huge amount of weight and although still not skinny, he is much better.

What I found really disturbing though was he showed me his finger nails, they had big dents/dips running across all of them. This was caused by nutrient deficiencies! The guy had such little nutrient intake that his finger nails were deformed. I thought it would have been a no brainier to give these patients some supplements for the weeks/months when they unable to eat enough to get basic RDI

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