Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stop the downward mental health spiral - get a multivitamin/multimineral supplement

Mental health illness are exceptionally challenging. Appetite regulation and diet is strongly tided to mental health. There are a number or reasons for this, in no particular order they are:

1) Eating for comfort. High fat and high sugar foods make the body feel good. Mood disorders / mental health issues mostly make people feel like s**t. So do anything to feel better including eating high sugar/high fat food. Think chocolate (although that also has come caffeine in it which help people feel good). High sugar / high fat foods are always low in micro nutrients.

2) Serotonin also controls appetite as it is released into the stomach to help with stomach clearing. Thus if you have low serotonin you often have low appetite. A low appetite results in less food, and with less food you reduce the ability to absorb nutrients.

3) Some of the first signs of vitamin inadequacy is the loss of appetite. This may or may not be related to serotonin levels. Most of the work that show this lose of appetite was done over 50 years ago so modern biochemical methods were not available.

4) Again some of the first signs of vitamin or nutrient inadequacy is mental health issues. Such as lethargy, headaches, malaise etc.

Thus a self perpetuating spiral downwards occur. You feel like s**t as you have a nutrient inadequacy because you feel this way you have a reduced appetite or eat the wrong foods. Thus you reduce eating foods with nutrients. This makes you feel worse...... go to jail of you pass go do not collect $200.

The first step in any mental health healing should be a good quality multivitamin / multimineral ( I am working on a post about what I recommend). This goes to depression and bipolar. I would also recommend it for areas where low food intake/retention is a problem, for example eating disorders and stomach staples.

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