Friday, November 13, 2009

Western medicine works miracles - a heart warming story

People, including myself, in complementary/alternative medicine are at times critical of Western medicine. Most of the criticism is how Western medicine doesn't see the body as a whole unit, but breaks it down to small individual details. Resulting in specialists who are experts in one tiny area, thus they can't fix the real problem, but only mask the problem with drugs or other tre

However we must not forget what wonders western medicine has given to us. Our wives no longer die in childbirth, our children live through the first year of life, and are not struck down in their prime of life. We don't die of infected wounds (more people died from wounds than bullets in WW I) nor do we fear that a broken bone doesn't set right.

So in this light, here is a wonderful story about how a mum got to see her child again after waking up blind one morning!

I would be heart breaking not able to see your child and we are truly blessed to live in a place where these kind of miracles can occur.

Three cheers for western medicine

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