Saturday, January 23, 2010

If you can't get it up - its a sign of heart disease

Heart disease is caused by blockages in blood flow cutting off blood flow to heart. erectile dysfunction (impotence) is caused by a lack of blood pressure to the organ in question. The lack of blood flow to either the heart or the penis has the same root cause. Therefore it could be expected that men with erectile dysfunction could be at higher risk of heart disease.

A new study has looked at traditional indicators of heart disease. What the trial found was that erectile dysfunction was well correlated with risk of heart disease. It however was not better than traditional indicators such as the Framingham Risk Score. This is a risk assessment based upon cholesterol, HDL, age, blood pressure, smoking.

So even though it is no better than a medical examination (assuming your doctor does analysis such as the Framingham Risk Score) it is a valuable indicator. This is because erectile dysfunction is a visible sign of what is going on in your body, a sign that both partners can observe. I don't like getting blood tests hence I haven't had any in about 5 years. This is typical of males - avoid seeing doctor, she'll be right - that is one of the major reasons we have a lower life expectany than females.

So in conclusion if you or your partner have trouble in the bedroom, they also have trouble in their heart.

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  1. Jeff

    Is this spam? You may well be right (I wouldn't know). However I do know that these things increase blood pressure - so you get blood flow to you periphery. Ginko B. increases blood flow in the long term, so over a few months taking Ginko you would expect an improvement.... and this is without the risks of higher blood pressure, which is a risk factor for stoke/heart disease.