Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seek and you will find: Unique fruits and better health

One of the highlights of Christmas holidays is going to garden centers over in Tauranga / Mt area. We have a warm micro climate that is more like the Bay of Plenty than the Waikato. Therefore they have different plants over there.... and they are on special as it is post Christmas.

This year I picked up to passion fruit vines I have never seen for sale in NZ. A Sweet Granadilla Passionfruit
 and a red banana passionfruit. Also a tea plant - so feel free to pop over for a cuppa and lastly a Davidson Plum which is not a plum at all, it is an Australian native that fruits on its trunk, with the fruit kind of looking like a plum.The photo below is the Davidson plum in flower.

I have wanted a Davidson plum for three years now. How did I know about them. Invested in a expensive book (it was actually purchased with gift vouchers - thanks Sensortec). I then read the books lots and made a list of all the fruit trees I would like. Then I have often visited garden centers, looked at trees, prices availability. Then when I found what I was looking for I bagged it....

Amazing what you aim for you often achieve.

The same could be done with wellness. If we make wellness a priority we put ourselves into the position of achiving it. It doesn't matter how "unwellness" today was, if we focus on long term goals of living life to the fullest we can every year get more well. May you focus on your wellness lifestyle this year and move you and your family to a place of better health.

Picture credit wikipedia.

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