Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another way to trick your family into eating more vege's

As I have previous mentioned I am not really a vegetable fan. So I am always on the look out of ways I can increase my, and my families, vege intake. One way that I have already discussed is increase vege serving size. Well here is another way. This study looked at increasing pre schooler's vege intake.

Ten minutes before their standard meal raw carrots were placed on the table. Three different serving sizes were used 30, 60 and 90 grams of carrots.

Conclusion: When carrots were offered toddlers ate more vege's in their day. The more that were offered the more that were consumed. Take home message: Have your vege's before the "main" meal. Thus you satisfy your hunger with vegetables thus increasing your intake. We already do this with the kids..... but more as an indication of how hungry they are. If they ask for food while cooking is underway, or just before bed, they get offered a carrot. We know that they will only eat it if they are truly hunger so it stops them "fishing" for yummy food at these times. 

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