Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vitamin A, D and calcium help keep your skin healthy.

Your skin in a very important organ. As a speaker once said without your skin your intestines would fall out and you would have to duct-tape them back in. Quick a interesting mental picture! Apart from holding in your intestines skin is a important barrier to bugs! When the skin gets infected it is rather nasty.......

A study that came out recently that showed vitamin D, A and calcium helped the skin stay healthy. What these micro nutrients did was increased the Cathelicidin level in skin. Cathelicidin is a protein that acts as an antibiotic. They are produced in every cell buy the lysosome. The lysosome in each cell is like a factory that makes proteins and enzymes, such as Cathelicidin.

Vitamin D appeared in increase the cathelicidin levels in a different way to the vitamin A and calcium. Thus it would appear that there are more than one way to increase cathelicidin.

I have heard that vitamin A decreases acne. Some anti acne creams have mega high levels of vitamin A, or vitamin A analog (something that behaves like vitamin A but is not vitamin A). The acronym for intact that helps acne is ACBE. Just replacing the n with b, so vitamin A, C, B and E help with overcoming acne.

I have also observed that when someone is on a healthy diet they tend to not get acne - or other skin infections.... these micro nutrients may be why...    

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  1. Good article David! Skin is the biggest organ and if kept healthy it will help in fighting many illnesses as well. Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey are very good for the skin. The two have vatamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals to fight all kinds of infections.
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