Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cool research - biodegradable film with cinnamon as anti bacterial agent.

There is some cool research being undertaken. Today I read an abstract about a biodegradable film. It was made from chitosan. Chitson is made up of long lengths of a special carbohydrate. are most likely to come across chitosan in your life as the "shells" of shrimp and other seafood.

Turns out you can make it into a plastic film rather like cling film / glad wrap. And being organic is breaks down, so is biodegradable.  I also strongly suspect that it wouldn't leach plasticizers into the food like normal cling films do. However without knowing all the manufacturing information it is hard to tell. 

Not satisfied with a rather groovy product this team tried impregnating the film with cinnamon extracts. This was to test if the added cinnamon could create anti bacterial properties. Turns out that it does.

This type of research assuming it gets commercialized must be good for us and the environment. Would much rather prefer to have natural glad wrap with a spice extract than some chemical wrap with some nasty anti bacterial chemical.

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