Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two small victories - two more foods to eat

Apologies about not posting this week. Have had issues with one of our delightful daughters and school. Has taken all our time and emotional effort. Hopefully the end is in sight!

Tonight dinner was vegetable and bacon soup. My excuse to through together food that is in the garden or in the fridge. Part of it was a eggplant. I loathed egg plant as a kid, so this is the first year that I have actually grown any and tried to eat them. The good news was neither myself or the kids noticed them amongst the other vege's and it was all quite yummy. Thus I have put to death a childhood food phobia. Next year I might even go for dishes were the egg plant plays a major part, or is thee major plant.

The other victory is that I used some acorns in the soup. Have been meaning to try them for years and this year I shelled then boiled the acorns. Then soaked in water for a week replacing the water regularly until little tannin came out. I then semi dehydrated them - to make them keep their shape as they were threatening to dissolved into mush! Through a handful into the soup - not to many in case it was a disaster. They were very edible. The kids didn't believe me that there were acorns in the soup until I found one to show them. Taste slight floury apart from that like the rest of the soup, maybe a hint of nutty flavor. So next time will add more......  

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