Monday, May 10, 2010

Wake up call about global food

The face on the pear - the news story that has hit our newspapers yesterday is an interesting example of how global our food chain has become. I have heard that canned peaches come from Spain and can tomatoes from Italy.
I personally think that the pear looks really cool and I think it is quite funny. The bit that is disturbing is that the canned pear comes from China. This worries me on two issues. Firstly I know that regulations are more relaxed in China. For example the food may or may-not have low pesticide levels or was the pesticides used approved for human consumption?.... how do I know?

Secondly it concerns me that we are less and less eating from local suppliers. Do we actually can anything in NZ? Hopefully we are eating fresh and not using canned food very often..... but I know the reality is that we have canned food in the cupboard and the shelves dedicated to cans in the supermarket tell me that canned food is often purchased.    

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