Monday, June 14, 2010

Christchurch people should be supplementing

In yet another vitamin D paper looking at Christchurch personal. It states:
25(OH)D levels were <75 nmol/L in 88% of subjects in February 2004 and in 100% of subjects in June and July.
Now 25(OH)D is the fancy name for your blood vitamin D levels. There is discussion around what level is optimal. In this case the paper writers believe above 75 is the optimal level. However only 12% were hitting this level in summer and none in winter. So in conclusion they state:
The authors suggest that a daily supplement of 2600 IU vitamin D3 would correct vitamin D deficiency.  
So I assume that if you live in the Christchurch area when you last visited your GP (s)he told you to go out and get some vitamin D supplements..... no.... rely....... maybe the research is so new that you haven't been to your GP since the work was done. Well it was published in 2007 so me thinks you have been to the GP since then. And people believe that doctors and medical people are up with the play..... wake up folks !

Source: N Z Med J. 2007;120(1262): U2733  h t t p : / / w w w . n zma . o r g . n z / j o u r n a l / 1 2 0 -
1262/2733/via Maori Health Research Review Issue 9

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