Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What level of vitamin D is optimal ?

One of the issues with vitamin D is the wide range of vitamin manufacture. If you expose you whole body to the sun you can generate 20 000 IU of vitamin D in 10-15 minutes. This is a lot considering that the the adult RDI is only 200-600 IU a day.

There is also discussion about what consitutes a healthy level of vitamin D.Vitamin D in blood is technically called 25-hydroxyvitamin D or in short hand it is written as (25[OH]D). Clinical deficiency signs start to be apparent at levels <20 mmol/l. There is debate about what is an optima level, for example some would say <40 well others <80 mmol/l, still others say <125 mmol/l. So as you can see there is not yet a consensus around what the optima level is.

We a NZ study that I reviewed a few weeks ago took a <50 mmol/l as being inadequate in children.  It was this level that 80% of children / toddler were deficient. Given that <50 mmol/l appears to be a more conservative cut-off things could be worse than the study showed.

This makes me very grateful that where I do most of my work I get direct afternoon sun in winter!

PS sorry about the blogging sabbatical. Had some "issues" with the kids school that sucked the emotion out of me. Thus rendering my brain foggy, good news is that it has all worked out and things are better than before. So bewarned expect more posts ! 

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