Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don't leave your iodized exposed to the air.

A quick aside from the vitamin D posts. I have just found out that exposing iodized salt to air causes the iodine salt to become oxidized. This then evaporates away! Hence store your salt in a air tight container !

In our multi supplements we receive iodine (if yours doesn't change brands). Also we apply both seaweed extract and fish extracts to our garden. Hence we should also be getting iodine from our fruits and vegetables. Some also say that iodized salt also has a aluminum based chemical additive that makes it flow well. They also say that they processing to get it white takes away minerals. Again I don't know if this is true. The colors in raw sea salt are due to the organisms that grow in the warm and salty water as it is evaporated..... do the colors themselves don't actually add any nutritional value to the salt.

For the record we use "raw" sea salt and grind it up as we go. However for larger amounts eg for removal of fluid from vegetables before processing or with preserved lemons.... we use the commercial iodized salt as it is simpler and easier.

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