Thursday, July 15, 2010

It hurts just reading about it - peoples amazing ability to be proffesional

As I have already mentioned I receive email updates from International Journal of Impotence Research: The Journal of Sexual Medicine. If I read these paper updates it is almost guaranteed to make me cringe. All these papers about chopping, applying vacuum, repairs, operations etc. It is a great incentive to look after ones body so that that very important part of the male anatomy stays in good health. 

I find it amazing that doctors can be so professional about things such as this. To the point when they don't cringe when they are explaining their latest chop and repair strategy's. I can't imagine having a job "repairing" penises all day long. 

I used to get heaps from my co workers when I went to breast feeding conferences. Surrounded by women talking about breasts. I could understand where they were coming from..... it sounds great but in real life breasts are not that sexy, especially when they have infections and hay breast feeding, the breast isn't very exposed. So I found it easy to be professional and very quickly breast in the context of breastfeeding became  just another part of the natural cycle of life.

I guess that this is what the above mentioned doctors do. I have up-most respect for these doctors (well actually all specialists) who have trained for so long, and help men recover their manhood. I just hope and plan never to see them!

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  1. It's natural to not be moved by a disturbing situation if you witness it regularly - that's why surgeons are closer to cleavers than doctors (joke!)
    Well I can add this article because it explains how to "repair" impotency safely and naturally using herbal supplements