Thursday, July 29, 2010

We all know - but how do we do?

Walk up to anyone you know and ask them this question: What do you need to do to become more healthy? Or what should you do to decrease risk of Western degenerative diseases?

The answer you all most guarantee is "eat more fruit and veges and exercise more"

Then if we know the answer - why don't we do it? 

I guess if I had the answer to this I would be charging a billizion dollars and transforming peoples lives with a simple magic wand. If there ever was an example of knowing what to do - and not doing it - it would have to be our family. I know huge volumes - and we struggle to live a healthy life. People often say it is healthier than their lives, which might be true, but I know what the high standard is, as we are not doing it (yet). I think we can conclude:

Knowledge and wisdom are therefore clearly different things and the natural state of humans is to eat poorly, high fat, high sugar. It takes discipline to have a healthy lifestyle

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