Wednesday, September 1, 2010

copper - worth its salt reference

Last year I blogged about how copper in supplements must be a copper salt or amino acid chelate. Never ever take a supplement with copper oxide in it. This is because you can't absorb it.

However in writing the post I was unable to find the original paper that I read so couldn't find the reference. Hunting in my office again for the paper last night uncovered it in the file called "metals". I love old fashioned paper filing systems, however the are a lot harder to search than an electronic one.

Great news is putting this posting in I can record the paper details so if I ever lose it again it is a click away (plus a trip to my local hospitals library).

Go and grab your multi and have a close look at the label - if it has copper as copper oxide (CuO or CuO2) then tip it down your sink (or donate to homeless)

Reference: Baker, D., Cupric oxide should not be used as a copper supplement for either animals or humans. Journal of Nutrition vol 129 pg 2278-79. 1999.

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