Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess the date: Anti-oxidant theory of vitamin E

Flicking through material and found this quote:
[cell components] were susceptible to lipid peroxidation and that this could b prevented by the addition of [vitamin E] to the system. The antioxidant theory of vitamin E function postulates that the role of [cellular] vitamin E is to stabilize the [cell] lipids against oxidation damage.
Apologies about so many brackets. Lots of complex science jargon had to be summarized.... Know when did you first understand about the antioxidant theory and that antioxidants such as vitamin E were good for you. I would be surprised if it was before the year 2000. So when was this paper published?

with in the last 10 years?

within the last 20 years ?

or was it 30 years ago?

or 40 ???? - keep on going, almost there......

1966 was the year it was published in the first edition of the journal called Lipids. So our parents or grandparents would have written this article. 1966 was the year that the first man made rocket to land on the moon. No not carrying a person, but just landing a simple rocket onto the moon surface. It was the year that the US decided to scale up Vietnam operations..... this was quite some time ago folks. It is a very vivid illustration that it takes a long time for science information to filter into the public space/sphere.

 The next logical question I have is - if it has taken approximately 40 years for this theory to be known, what theory's are being postulated and created today that would make a big difference to my life. Hence my reading and blogging. To try and cut down this time. I don't have 44 years to wait !!!! 

Reference: A. Mellors and A. L. Tappel Quinones and quinols as inhibitors of lipid peroxidation Lipids Volume 1, Number 4, 282-284, DOI: 10.1007/BF02531617

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