Friday, November 19, 2010

Doctors confused about vitmain D of course they are

Another no brainer newspaper article title. Of course doctors are confused about vitamin D. There are a host of reasons why this is the case, including
  • When at medical school the vitamins are portrayed as anti disease factors (read my book). Therefore if someone doesn't have rickets, they don't need any more vitamin D
  • Doctors are pressed for time. We would all agree that doctors are very pressed for time. Therefore they don't have the time to do their own research
  • New advances in medicine get "pushed" onto the doctors via drug companies. When a drug company comes out with a new wonder drug they do all they can to educate the doctors via visits, conferences, promotions, advertising etc. However with vitamins and nutrition there is no educational push, as there is money in vitamins like medications (which are patentable)  
Add to this that newspapers or media jump on any new study, thus the patients might now more about a vitamin or health product than a doctor. This media coverage is somewhat random and chaotic. This adds to the confusion as doctors can't use the media to make wise decisions.

My summary or rule of thumb regarding vitamin D is this: Maximize your sun exposure. But NEVER get sun burnt.  

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