Monday, November 29, 2010

In misery after doing the right thing

Fortunately not my rash, but my arms and legs look like this
Early last week I sprayed the bamboo on the back section. I don't like spraying with this nasty as spray. However we have physically removed the bamboo from our back yard. It took huge amount of effort to dig up the mat of bamboo roots over the period of 2 years. Therefore on the back section - which is beyond the back yard, and technically isn't ours, I have resorted to hack and spray methods of beating back the bamboo.

So it has been very hot here and the bamboo creates a very sheltered, and hence hot, micro climate. Therefore I was in shorts and a t-shirt. I didn't want to get spray on my skin. Therefore I cleverly used a silicon barrier cream. It set it was breathable...... yeah right.

A day later I got this weird rash on my arm. It didn't go away, nor was it itchy or painful. After surfing the web I came to the conclusion that it was Miliaria.This is when your sweat pores get blocked and the sweat then travels sideways into your skin. Needless to say the skin doesn't like this, so it breaks out in red dots, one dot for each blocked sweat duct. Over the course of the next few days it appeared on the other arm and after walking in the hot sun on Friday it appeared over my legs. But only where I put the cream.

Yesterday it started getting itchy. Today it is exceptionally itchy. To the point where hydrocortisone cream doesn't help and I have taken orally antihistamine coupled with some nasty as anti itch cream I am getting buy. Don't want to cover all my arms and legs with this nasty cream, so only using in worst spots...........

Really annoyed that trying to do the right thing has led to misery and more chemicals on my skin!

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