Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Phase of the moon influences strokes

I have always been a bit sceptically about the phase of the moon and what it influences down here on the earth. I hear all sorts of things accredited to the moon, most without any scientific backing. Well through a miss directed web address I ended up at a study that looked at moon phase and stroke. Amazingly they found that the phase of the moon influences strokes. The stated:
Stroke admissions were evenly spread throughout lunar phases (P=.72). Admission with medically unexplained stroke symptoms was significantly increased during full moon phases (P=.023)  
So stroke admissions didn't change but the type of stroke did. The medically unexplained stroke symptoms eg people who thought they had a stroke, but didn't (or a cause couldn't be found) increased in the full moon phase. I loved their conclusion "The reasons for this observed variation remain elusive"

It tickles my sense of wonder/irony/mystery when science proves something that was thought to be a myth. Technically the moon should have no effect on strokes. However it would appear to.

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