Friday, November 19, 2010

The rhythm of seasons and eating

Today at work the leeks were harvested from the permaculture garden. They were not very big, but they were going to seed with the lack of rain we have had. Apparently they go bitter if they flower/seed. Therefore when I came home I checked mine. I get very annoyed if I grow food and it goes to waste. Mine were just starting to goto seed, so harvested them.

In a wonderful twist of God fortune. I picked up a herb book at random off the shelf and there was a recipe for potato and leek soup. Had to go and purchase potatoes, I also spiced it up with some persimmon cider that I made which isn't that drinkable, but good in cooking. Also added some well cooked bacon at the end. The recipe also used stock, which I made for the first time a few months ago, so out came some real beef stock.

Result - yummy dinner. Kids even ate it and enough for tomorrow.

Got me thinking about harvest and seasons. This combination of leeks and potatoes would indicate it was a late winter / early spring recipe. Leeks would still be fresh and in the ground. Potatoes would be old being in storage for at least a few months. Therefore turning potatoes to soup would be logical, then adding a fresh vegetable. It is interesting how the calender no longer dictates cooking. Leeks and potatoes are available nearly throughout the year (if you have the $). So we have lost that connection between season, produce and cooking.  

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