Thursday, November 25, 2010

When body is understress it depletes nutrients

It is logical that when the body is under stress it depletes its nutrients. Therefore when the body is about to be under stress, like have surgery, or when the body is under stress like a accident or sudden illness, one should feed the body maximum nutrients.

Why this is hospital food so low in nutrients?! I would encourage anybody who is going into hospital or have a loved one in hospital to contact me for my latest list of  "Zestos approved" supplements.

Yet another study proves this logical conclusion. When children are recovering form burn injuries their body consumes their vitamin E stores. Therefore for the month after the hospital admission the vitamin E levels drop. They drop not just in the blood plasma (which isn't a reliable indicator of vitamin E stores), but in the adipose tissue. Adipose tissue is the scientific name for body fat. As vitamin E is fat soluble it is stored in this fat. Therefore when the fat levels drop it is a indication that the body levels have indeed decreased.  

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