Wednesday, January 26, 2011

False advertising in food

Today we rejoined as a family. To help celebrate we had a cold slushy, in the shade..... very yummy and cold. Today's offerings was bright blue, being some kind of tropical flavor and bright yellow being pineapple. Nutritionally unsound - absolutely. A time of celebration and enjoying the moment - absolutely.

However on exciting the store I noticed they had a sign up saying Real Fruit Slushy(s), and this was overlaid on top of a picture of assorted berries. My logic tells me that there was not a shred of fruit or nutrients in the slushes - ok maybe a bit of apple juice, or some other token and cheap juice. To me it is blatant false advertising..... trying to make something that isn't healthy into something you could count as healthy. I personally think this should be illegal....  

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