Monday, January 10, 2011

horse radish sauce success

Feeling very pleased with myself, my second go at horse radish sauce is a success! I tried last year, but (a) made to much and (b) didn't puree the horse radish enough. This left a woody/chunky/rooty feel to the sauce. The smell wasn't all that great either.

However I did replant the horse radish (it self divides/multiplies) that I didn't use (and once I killed the snails they quickly regrew). So felt like another go today. Used this recipe which suggested blending the rood to make the sauce. This worked very well. Also I used roots that were quite thin - so they were fresh and not to woody - I thought that I wasn't going to make enough, but a few thin roots produces more than enough. Have a white thin paste with quite a kick.  I will "store" the other horse radish in the soil and pull it periodically when I need to make the sauce. This solves my huge harvest in late autumn.....

I had never heard of horse radish sauce until I purchased a horse radish plant (see cartoon to left). Best description are parsnips that taste like wasabi.

horse radish sauce

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