Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If you have B vitamins - take them by the fistful

Today's blog post is simple. If you are under physical stress or emotional stress, like so many NZ are as we all deal in our own way with the unfolding Christchurch tragedy, my advice is take lots of B vitamins. The more the merrier. This will help you with both mental and physical effects of this significant stress.  If you are able to purchase B vitamins, just make sure they have lots of B12, which is the most expensive of the B vitamins, so generally is an indicator of quality.

For those not in NZ, or haven't hung out with Kiwi's, NZ'ers are highly related to each other. Buy this mean that our degrees of separation are 2-3 instead of the often quoted 6. For example while our friends are all safe, a person who works at NZ post, were Tiffany works died. My hair dresser this morning has a friend whose brother and mum are missing, along with other friends of friends who have loved ones missing. So something as big as this, effects everyone.

Probably next week I will start a series around healing well and nutrition/vitamins. Until them may God speed your loved ones safely home.  


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