Monday, February 7, 2011

Milk and cheese

Very excited yesterday had real milk on my breakfast as we now have a standing order for raw milk.... very pleased to finally have a regular supply. To be honest I was a bit nervous, cause you hear all the bad stories..... but it tasted sweet with a more smooth taste and feel. Likely due to the larger fat globules. Also got "given" some fresh feta cheese, again from unpasteurized milk. 

With my scientist hat on I wonder what the SCC levels of this milk are..... but part of me doesn't want to know..... funny how our logic and emotions can conflict.

I have blogged before on why pasteurization is not longer needed in NZ (maybe it never was). To briefly summarize, the benefits of raw milk are:
  • Better absorption and uptake of calcium and magnesium (and likely zinc) 
  • Higher carotene levels (and likely other vitamin levels)
  • Bioactive - that is any enzymes/positive bits in the milk will still be "alive" or active 
My basic assumption in all things is the less processing the better.  

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