Friday, March 11, 2011

Grape seeds got to eat them by the bowl full

Further from yesterday's post about grape seeds I did some digging around. I found that the level of grape seeds you need to eat is really high. For example:

  • When rats were feed a diet, which grape skins and seeds (ie waste from wine industry) made up 10%, they didn't develop liver issues when feed a chemical that causes liver damage. As much as I love grapes, I can't see them making 10% of my diet, yet alone the skin and seeds making 10%. 
  • In other rats that were feed 0.5% of diet at grape seed extract had less stomach tumors like the control rats. I couldn't easily find any statement about the weight of average western food intake. Five fruit/veg servings would be 5 x 250 grams. As fruits and vegetables can be approximated as water. Then protein intake between 50 - 100 grams, then on top of this would be some carbohydrate. So 1.5 kg of food daily would be an approximation on the low side. This would then mean 0.5% of 1.5kg is 7 grams. Quick tablet weight approximation from my bottles of pills, a tablet is about 1 gram. So this is 7 tablets a day, every day.  

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