Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog sabbatical - will start blogging again

Blog sabbatical is really a fancy name for - I had taken on to many projects and thus also dropped a few. It has been a completely unexpected adventure, right at my busiest time of year, but we have sold our slice or paradise and moving to a bigger slice...... exciting, unexpected and way to much time, effort and stress ! But we are very pleased. Again another move house onto section but this time instead of 591 square meters of weeds, invasive species and mud, we have 5000 squares of an organic citrus orchard (about 250 orange and tangelo trees, plus a feijoa hedge and a couple of figs and avocados).

Still things not yet unconditional, but working through the issues but really looking forward to our new adventure and developing the orchard into a more mixed orchard with lots of different fruit trees.

Also very busy at the university in the middle of very intense marking and tutoring about scientific writing, coupled with my Station of the Cross: Art at the Hamilton Gardens preparation..... so will endeavor to start blogging again.    

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