Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Breat milk from cows, further thoughts

Earlier in the week I blogged about breast milk from cows. After mulling it over some more, I have a few more comments:

Immunity. It is a well known fact that breast feed babies get sick less. Now breast milk has lots of anti bad bug bits in it. But also the immune response of mother also effects the breast milk. If mum catches (or fights off without realizing) a cold, her body produces the anti virus proteins. These proteins make it into her breast milk. Therefore baby gets these proteins, thus enabling baby to fight the infection. Hence when mother catches sickness often baby will not due to the immunity via the milk.

Clearly if the milk comes from a cow this immunity isn't going to occur. Thus one of the significant advantages of breast milk is eliminated. 

Bacteria. One of the fascinating things is that, something like 80% of all breast feeding women throughout the world have a specific bacteria in their milk. Now this shouldn't be the case, and people can't figure it out. But whatever the reason, nearly every mum has these bugs. We don't know where the come from, how they get into the milk, and any effect it has on baby. Are these bugs good? Who knows. The question I have is do these cows have the bugs in their milk? Is this is a good thing? I suspect that due to so many women, across so many cultures, that the bugs in the milk have some purpose, what I don't know, but I think it is safe to assume that there is some reason.   

Cow disease. tying into the immunity point above, any cow fighting an infection is going to have the antibodies in the milk. I don't know what diseases cows get - can they catch a cold? Do they have diseases that human don't. I suspect most likely. Diseases are often species or animal group specific. For example the AID's virus is human (actually primate) specific, while other AID's like virus in other animals do not infect humans.

So a few more reasons I don't support this genetic engineering.  

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