Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Citrus nearly all year round

Chatting to the lovely Grandma who we are purchasing our citrus block from. Talked about what other citrus trees are in the orchard. It turns out that you can eat fresh citrus nearly all year long.

Mandarins come on in June - July
Navel oranges in Aug-Nov
Tangelos  Nov - Dec
Late oranges the type that is juiced Jan - Feb

This doesn't count the grapefruit, or other citrus such as limes etc.

So it is only March, April and May that don't have citrus in season. However my understanding is that you can leave citrus on the tree till you need them. Therefore likely that in March you could be still eating fresh oranges.

I new that apples had a long season, but now I know citrus does also.

PS will try and get some pictures up of the adventure. "Lost" the digital camera someplace in the shift into temporary accommodation...... 

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