Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Just had a great visit by Lindsay from Agrisea. Great guy, great product, great company. Fantastic philosophy and as an added bonus learned that our avocados are in good health. Look forward to using their product and seeing an improvement in tree health.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Sunday Mornings - Citrus at Farmers Market

This is what we do on Sunday mornings now, sell at the Clevdon Farmers Market. Shot this last week on my phone so apologies for quality. The people at Clevdon Farmers Market are awesome so pay us a visit :) 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sickness - where the heck did that come from ?!

My family are sick! First time in a very long time, in fact I can't remember when we last had a miserable winter. Health breakdown includes:
  • Myself, have a nose that is off/on blocked
  • Tiffany has the flu, runny nose, headache, blahness
  • Yasmin has a nasty cough that kicks in at night in bed
  • Trinity has a runny nose 
We are so not used to this ! Why did this happen. I can think of the following reasons:
  • Don't have access to garden vegetables. Being in transit and having any things todo, our gardening efforts consist of a bucket growing rainbow beet and a bucket of mushrooms (both buckets purchased at Clevdon Farmers Market). So we have to purchase our vege's and they aren't the same as home grown
  • We eating less vege's. I hate waste, so if I plant something in my garden I will find a way to use it. Also when cooking dinner I used to look in the garden to see what I could base a dish around. As we are shop purchasing we have found we eat less vegetables
  • Poor meal choices. Due to the stress of everything, from not having p[laces/systems for food, through to the frustration of dealing with a bureaucratic process, our meals have taken a turn for the worst. So we have regularly purchased bad food, ok food and convenience food.
  • Cool and damp house. The house is very damp. So much so that our salt and sugar have gone all lumpy. As much as I ran around digging trenches away from the house, water still flows under it when it rains. And any heat we trap in the house soon dissipates. So this a very cold, drafty and damp house. Healthy house, healthy life, well this is the opposite. 
So hopefully as spring kicks in, and our house project comes together we will rectify the above issues and no more winters with sickness in our house thank you very much.