Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Raping and pillaging - do we do it daily ?

While watching a sci fi movie last night that like any good guy movie involved lots of guns, shooting testosterone and of course the obligatory beautiful women. It didn't need all my grey matter to follow and I got thinking.

Soldiers throughout time have, probably quite rightly, got the reputation for being hedonistic with drink, drugs and womanizing. I thought if I was going to die tomorrow in battle I would hardly be interested in "clean" living. Thinking that if tomorrow it is all over why note live the high life now? In some regards it is only because I want to happily married long term that I don't check out other women, it is because I want to be a good example to my kids growing up that I don't get drunk, it is the desire to have long term mental health that I don't purchase dak from my neighbors...

I would like to think that if I new tomorrow was my last day, that I would still live a clean life, but knowing that humans have a huge pull in them to undertake debased behavior I know that there is not much, if any difference between me and a hedonistic solider.

How does this related to optimal health ?

Well I got thinking as I chewed through two candy bars on the couch..... that long term these bars are killing me. That in the long term excess sugar is well connected to western degenerative disease. Yet I am choosing to eat it in quantity. I realized that I was wanting the short term sugar hit instead of the long term enjoying my grand kids.

I came to the conclusion that I eat bad because I take a short term view. I put the short term benefit of feeling good from the sugar over the long term benefit of good health. Just like soldiers do. Thus in my heart I am no different to a hedonistic solider.

Hopefully however in the future when I am tempted by sugar, processed foods and fatty foods I will think about playing with my grand children and have the courage to stand up and go for a healthier option.

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  1. Great perspective on life!

    It is all too easy to take the easy road and join the hoards of evolutionists who believe in living only for today.

    We all have an obligation to take care of our body and to live long, in order to fulfil God's purpose for our life and to become a role model for our children and grand children.