Friday, February 5, 2010

Understanding GI prt 3: The implications for weight loss

The fact that most starches have a higher GI than sugar (sucrose) answers a question I have always had. This question was about how come dropping starches from a meal can result in significant weight loss.

The traditional explanation is that the person is eating less energy thus they are losing weight. This has an element of truth in it as removing food from diet results in decrease in energy. However the lose of weight seems to be disproportionately high for the small amount of carbohydrates dropped from the diet. Furthermore they often still have a high fat, and hence high energy intake, so there is something else going on.

I have read someplace (before I started blogging) that blood sugar levels (or insulin levels, can't quite remember) are involved in weight gain/weight loss. That when your blood sugars are high then you can't loose weight due to some biochemical system....... (I will try and dig this up and nail down the details in a blog post)

Therefore when you have starches you blood sugars go haywire often worse than eating sugar. Thus if you struggle to loose weight by reducing total energy intake it is likely you will have more success by removing starches. This will preventing blood sugar swings and allowing you body to convert fat to glucose and loose weight.

Tiffany who I am married to has always struggled to loose weight. She can exercise hard out, eat small portions of a "balanced" diet and the weight loose is very slow. She only needs one bad meal or episode in a week and no weight lose will occur. She has gone onto a new dietary program monitored by Dr Bill Reeder.

The diet is called  Ultra Lite and has no starches and very little carbohydrate. It is designed to help people quickly loose weight and has been very helpful for Tiffany. She for the first time is able to loose weight in a "easily". I put easily in quote because she has to be extremely disciplined to not eat sugary food and to follow the instructions all the time. Compared to the effort based upon exercise and eating "balanced" food the Ultra Lite system is less effort, yet a much higher amount of weight is lost. I had wondered why this was until I uncovered the high GI of starches.  

Interestingly enough when she indulged a very small amount of starches and carbo's at Christmas and New Years it took 2-3 days for her body to get back into weight loss mode. That would imply that eating starches effects you body for at least 2-3 days after you consume them.  

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