Sunday, April 4, 2010

cooked Capsicums likely not to be a good source of vitamin C

Those who have read about vitamin C in foods would be aware that capsicums (not hot peppers) are high in vitamin C. A capsicum contains 205 mg of vitamin C, where as a large orange only has 98 mg. 

What happens when we cook these capsicums? Well it appears that this has not be studied (well I couldn't find it ) However as we know capsicums are of the same family as hot chillies. chillies have been investgated for looses in cooking. Cooking jalapeƱo peppers results in destruction of 75 % of vitamin C. And in eight chillies that are common in African cooking loose between 66 - 98.3 %.

Therefore we can conclude that cooking capsicums is likely to be highly detrimental to their vitamin C. The great news is that capsicums taste great raw, in a salad or even by themselves. 

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