Monday, October 4, 2010

Crunchy apples

I have two comfort foods, chocolate (no surprise) and crunchy apples. There used to be a gap between end or winter and the middle of summer / end of summer where no crunchy apples existed. So when apples from the local orchard stopped being crunchy quite a few weeks (months?) ago I assumed that crunchy apples were off the menu until last summer / autumn. However in the last week or so we have been purchasing apples mainly for the kids to eat or to juice. The kids don't mind soft apples (go figure!). However when I tried them they were still crunchy. Really strange given that they look like early apples! Thought it must have been a random thing. However purchased today a bag of Pacific Rose from another supermarket, again crunchy.

Very excited as someone clearly has figured out how to keep apples crunchy for longer! I know that nutritionally they might not be very good, but there is something special about eating a crunchy apple that I find very enjoyable. So big thank you for who ever has figured this out.  

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