Friday, October 29, 2010

Maybe it is genetic that you don't like vegetables

I unfortunately have my mothers genetics when it comes to vegetables. We don't like them! We try to eat them because we know they are healthy. However it isn't by choice..... found an article yesterday which talked about super-tasters.  

Approximately 25% of people have extra high number of taste buds, high enough that they are categorized super-tasters. Because this people have more taste buds they taste flavors at about 3 times more intense than non super tasters. This results in:
Because of this, supertasters tend to hate green vegetables, grapefruit juice, certain alcoholic beverages, coffee, green tea, soy based products, overly sweet things, and generally are just considered “picky eaters”. 
So there you go. It could be genetic that your don't like vegetables. I don't like green vegetables, nor grapefruit juice that is store purchased (I can taste the bitter pith). Not to keen on coffee, don't have soy products so don't know about that. I also don't like artificial sweeteners because they are to sweet and don't like sugary soft drinks for the same reason. And yes my wife would call me a picky eater!

Next time I must choose the right genetics....... lol

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