Monday, May 16, 2011

Garlic and giardia

 I have been unwell. Yes rather embarrassing for me when I do occasionally get ill.

A kitten tried its best to adopt us about 10 days ago. It had toilet trouble so we took it to the vet and surrendered it. I have enough trouble terminating feral cats, so attempting a kitten - impossible. A few days after the cat disappeared our youngest got violently sick with vomiting. She couldn't keep anything down, not even water. We took her to an after hours clinic as we were worried. Very blessed that we have a 10 year old, 8 and 6 year old and we don't know what the signals of dehydration are, cause they never get sick!! Turns out she was ok, and the next day came right. Then a day after her going to school..... you guessed it another child gets sick. The day after they get well..... I get some thing.

Fortunately not vomiting, but queasy, lethargic, loss of appetite, gas, etc. etc. I even took some time off work and slept the afternoon away. One thing that was totally new, and totally concerned me was really sulfury burps. Nasty taste, worse in the morning on an empty stomach. But they could happen any time of the day. This concerned me.

A quick web search, troughs up giardia as the most likely culprit. Most likely from the kitten as they are often carriers. Not very happy about this!!! So some more web searching (this was now Sunday morning so no medical/pharmacy open in Huntly. Did some reading and found that garlic gave a positive result in scientific tests (lost the link).Thought I should give it a go as (a) couldn't do anything to Monday wrt a doctor/pharmacist (b) garlic is good for you so nothing to loose and (c) might even work ! 

So I went down to the supermarket and purchased NZ garlic. This is because it is stronger tasting than the Chinese grown garlic. The way to tell the difference is that the Chinese has all its roots chopped off, due to import restrictions. Where as NZ garlic has some of the roots left on. Chopped up either one large clove, or two small ones into chunks. Then swallowed them - very grateful I can take lots of vitamin pills at a time, cause otherwise this would have been a very long process. Took this about 3-4 times. Did it with meals or food.

Went to bed and had to face away from Tiffany :) Woke up this morning without any sulfur burps, feel much better - though still tired and energy levels are not back to normal. However whatever was bothering me has moved on (though my gas still smells very strongly of garlic, not going to have happy wife in bed tonight!)

So in my experience garlic worked against what was probably a giardia infection.

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