Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's always more complicated than you think - or is it?

Those who have had the pleasure of knowing my wife Tiffany, will know she has a very sharp eye for detail. One of the stories she tells is about how maths/science used to annoy her. Seemingly every year they would say, forget what you learned last year, its more complex than that, then go to reteach something. She loathes wasting time, and this seemed like one big waste of time.

There is truth though in things being kept simple so everyone can understand it, and as the crowd thins so to speak, the real complex truth comes out. This is one of the reasons I love science, you can push as hard as you want into a subject and eventually you get to the part where "it just does". That magical part were you reach the limit of human understanding and it all comes down to miracles and mysteries. This I find humbling and keeps everything in perspective.

In my inbin today was a paper. It looked at the oil in sunflower seeds. Did you know that in a sunflower the oil levels and components change from the outside of the flower to the inside? And that these levels are influenced by the sunshine hours when the flower first opens/is pollinated? Of course you didn't - I didn't. We get taught that the nutritional composition of our food is well known and understood.

Let me remove your naivety..... we basically don't know anything..... we just pretend we do. So remember this when some expert says "this is the magic bullet" or "this is the perfect food". Use my rule of thumb and you'll be right.
If it is like nature [God] made it, then it is good for you. The more it is processed the less healthy it is.   

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